At Compliance and Risk Management Recruitment contracting is an important part of our business and an essential part of the workforce. We  find and provide resource solutions for our Clients and have noticed recently a trend towards an increasing number of permanent part time positions.

Contracting assignments include:

  • one-off projects that require experienced compliance or risk management personnel
  • “standing in” for staff on maternity or sick leave or to fill vacant positions while a full time employee is being recruited
  • regulatory change projects
  • risk management on large scale projects eg integration and system changes
  • contractors with particular skills such as training, project management or IT skills eg. during policy development and to “fill gaps”

The following skill sets are consistantly in demand:

  • project management
  • specific regulatory knowledge ie new regulations
  • policy development
  • project risk
  • audit, review and investigative skills
  • documentation and reporting skills
  • consultative skills